Joe's day 3

Eskimo Joes

Juvo Web hosts one of America’s most recognizable brands. They needed a customized and complex hosting solution, and we had the capabilities to meet their needs. We host several websites for Stan Clark Companies that include,,, and

City of Stillwater

The City of Stillwater's design coordinated the city brand with priorities of the content and functionality for all types of visitor needs. Specifically the Site Operator, targets different demographics/audience types with a filter to help the user get to what they need quicker. The new Search equips the site with a sophisticated, built-in search. With a new navigation strategy, the design displays numerous pages in a simple panel menu at the top or easy to use slider menu on the left in sub pages.

Stillwater Milling Company

For the Stillwater Mill, we developed a new WordPress website and a new independent eCommerce site (Epicor iNet), their ERP and POS system. Both sites are themed to provide a consistent user experience. The Stillwater Mill’s new website offers user-friendly access for users to navigate to their four stores and each store’s individual online catalog. One of the excellent features of this website is how the online catalogs integrate with each store’s inventory system. The site also has an auto-store selection based on customer location. We also integrated DTN resources (e.g. weather, futures, articles) into WordPress pages.

  • Warm and farm rustic colors were chosen as the tone of the design. We hope this website will help users to access the information easily and help their online experience.
  • Custom API that talks to POS

Norton Heat & Air

The Norton family has been serving the Perry community since the year 2000. They have since branched out across Oklahoma providing heat and air services to communities large and small. We first built a website for the Nortons in 2014. Then, in late 2021, we reached out to Norton about updating their site. What manifested was a sleek, modern design of a simple site that serves as a proud representation of our partnership with Regina Norton and the Norton family business.

OSU Fire Service Training

For FST, we created a new custom redesign that focused on their training services. We developed a custom WordPress plugin that fetches course data from a custom API server.  We used shortcode to insert the information into the website and utilized Vue.js to display courses in a tabular format. Users can search courses by name, location, and/or date. We used an OAuth2 Node.js server for single sign-on (SSO)authentication to the FST online shop.  This server allows existing FST user accounts to sign in to the shop and provides information about that user, including information to restrict the sale of items to customers based on specific criteria.

Gameday Ironworks

Gameday Ironworks specializes in quality metal design work, from custom pieces to popular gameday signs of your favorite college team. Their new design creates a user-friendly e-commerce experience where fans all over the country can customize and purchase metal designs to show their school spirit.

Stillwater Chamber of Commerce

The Stillwater Chamber of Commerce needed a feature-packed website, including online event registration, events calendar, and business listings and search to name a few. The main thing the chamber needed was a website that connected with their Chamber Masters system. We were able to connect our site with their software via an API.

Lambert Construction Co

Lambert construction is a local staple. Established in 1939, this construction company has since flourished. They have an expansive, impressive portfolio filled with schools, stadiums, and hospitals. We were honored when Lambert approached us almost a decade ago to build their website. This year we suggested a redesign and migration of their site to WordPress. We took aspects they loved from their old site and combined them with new ideas. We made sure to put their portfolio and hard work at the forefront of the new site. After months of development, we were proud to present this redesign that we believe serves as a beautiful representation of both our partnership with a long-standing company as well the hard work they’ve put in the past 80 years.

Smokin' Joe's Stilly

Scott and his family approached us in May of 2021 about his newfound business called The Pit, a sand Volleyball court and bar, as well as his restaurant that was under construction, Smokin Joe’s Stilly. We were excited to take the project head-on as Scott entrusted us with building the website and the appointment system used for booking volleyball. We wanted a modern take with a rustic BBQ type of feel, as well as to integrate a booking system able to reserve volleyball times. What we came up with delivered on all fronts and was ready to go for Scott’s grand opening of Smokin’ Joes Stilly in October 2021.

City of Yale

The City of Yale’s new website features a whole new look with modern styles. This site required a meeting agenda and minutes format, so we created a tabbing system by year for each meeting group. The tabbing system allows users to easily view agendas or minutes from a specific year and month.

  • Redesign
  • Meetings, Agendas, Minutes

National Watershed Coalition

The National Watershed Coalition came to us because their current provider could not handle their hosting needs or website maintenance. After we took over their hosting, they realized a desperate need for a makeover. Due to hundreds of PDF documents on the site, we used a  filing system to sort and hold all the documents. We completely revamped their site with a total site redesign.

Rock Creek Outdoors

Rock Creek manufactures innovative products for tactical and fishing solutions. They needed an online store to expand their market and get the products to the public. They wanted a simple design that focused on their products. In addition to the online store, they had complex shipping needs, which required us to build a custom shipping module to meet those needs.

Humane Society

The Humane Society of Stillwater is a unique site. This site required a custom-made plugin to display the pets. This plugin talks to the Humane Society’s system and displays the available pets from the shelter. The site also received a modern-style redesign. The design for the site stems from the Humane Society logo and highlights the beauty of pet adoption.

Earnheart Propane

Earnheart first established Earnheart Oil in 1971. Since then, this family business has been a massive success, eventually starting another business in propane. We first built a website for Earnheart Propane in the early 2010s. In 2021 they reached out to us about a redesign and a migration to WordPress. We are proud to present them a sleek and modern final product, built with professional and simple design. We took inspiration from other propane websites across the country and crafted a design combining the content with the down-to-earth feel of the original website.

Hello Gorgeous Salon & Barber Shop

Hello Gorgeous Salon first opened in 2004 by owner and operator, Heather Sinclair. Since then, they’ve established themselves as the premier salon in town and founded a barber school in the process. Heather approached us about a new website for the salon and a touch-up of the barber school site. She envisioned something simple but design-heavy and attractive. We believe we delivered on all fronts, even seamlessly integrating the Hello Gorgeous booking system directly into the site. We are excited about our partnership with Heather and the Hello Gorgeous team.


Wheeldock has been manufacturing and selling motorcycle parts since 2004. Needing to get into the online market they needed an online store.  Their parts are very specific to the make and model of the vehicle so they needed a complex hierarchical searching functionality that was custom built.