Hosting Options

Juvo Hosted and Supported

This is the most turn-key option available. After developing your website we will host and support it on enterprise web servers we maintain. This is an ideal choice for small and large websites alike. If there's a problem with your website, there's only one call to make.

Hosting Features


30 Day Warranty


Code Access












Hosting is the service that allows your website to be visible to the internet. All Juvo websites are hosted in the Amazon cloud. 


As updates become available on the WordPress platform, we will make these updates to your website.


Juvo will maintain the server that runs your website. This includes activities such as updating software, installing security patches, etc.


Juvo will check your website’s server availability about every 1 minute. If the server is not responsive, we have automated tools in place to restart the server. This only monitors for the responsiveness of the website. It does not detect code or content errors.


Juvo currently provides free Support, but Service is billed on a per hour basis.  Service is any effort that results in a modification to your website.  Service hours are $125 per hour.  Service hours are available during normal business hours.  High priority needs that are required outside of normal business hours or within 48 hours are subject to higher rates.

PCI Compliance

Some payment processors require your website to be PCI compliant. This helps to protect against data theft of payment information.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificates secure your website by encrypting the transfer of information between the browser and server.  All Juvo websites have SSL certificates installed as they are the industry standard of security.