For more than 10+ years our team has provided high-quality hosting for a wide range of projects and organizations. We will work with you to find the right fit in a hosting plan.

  • Security

  • Backups

  • Maintenance

  • Updates and Patches

  • Guaranteed Uptime

  • Firewall Protection

  • Proxy Server

Hosting Plans

Data Center

We host your website in a secure data center. The data center is manned 24x7x365. Your website is maintained using firewalls, load balancers, multiple web application servers, and a database server. We apply security updates to the entire web server stack on a regular basis.

Data Transmission

We guarantee up to 1 Terabyte of data transfer per month.

Redundant High-Availability Failover (Optional)

We have the capability of providing premium hosting service levels by offering a mirrored copy of your site on a separate infrastructure and geographic location. We would need to talk through the required service levels and bandwidth to provide pricing for this item.

Web CMS Software Security

We apply security updates to your WordPress CMS whenever updates are posted. Your website is built on WordPress software that has the confidence of millions of websites in both the private sector and public sector. Several built-in security mechanisms are in place to prevent cross-site scripting attacks.

Web Transmission Security

Your website is secured with SSL to encrypt transmission of data. We SSL-enable every page on your website for maximum security.

User Authentication Security

Our solution is configured with granular role-based permissions, and each user is required to login with a unique user id and password. We also off a two-factor authentication option using Google Authenticate if that should be something you are interested in pursuing.

Data Backup

We back up your data in multiple geographic locations. We backup daily, weekly, monthly, and up to 7 years of annual data backups.

Guaranteed Uptime

Juvo Web guarantees web server uptime of 99.95%

Maintenance and Customer Support

Juvo Web has been providing ongoing and as needed maintenance and support for years.  We have the staff and the expertise to maintain any systems we develop.  We recognize the need for our customers to feel like we will help them with their future requests and needs.  We've been providing that level of support to some of our customers for more than 20 years!

24x7 Customer Support

We will provide you contact numbers to reach us 24x7x365 for catastrophic site issues. We will also be available from Monday to Friday 9AM-5PM CST via email and phone to handle routine website operation questions from staff.

Security Upgrades

Juvo Web will apply security upgrades to your solution’s core and contributed modules ensuring that your website stays secure. Juvo Web will perform security upgrades and other web server and website optimizations during off-hours, typically between the hours of 9PM-3AM Central time, if such work requires taking the website off-line. We will provide at least 14 days’ notice for any non-emergency maintenance that requires down-time.

Site Monitoring and Site Recovery

Juvo Web will install auto-monitoring software routines that continually monitor website performance and alert us when problems occur. We will act as soon as possible and no later than two hours after problems are detected.