Web Developer

Web-Based Software Developer/Programmer

We are looking to add someone to our web development team who is passionate about creating elegant, robust, and scalable website solutions. You may or may not have any official training writing code, but you might just be a coding guru from all the projects you've done for yourself, en employer, or friends over the years. You get excited when you find an elegant solution to a problem, and you might even have a knack for design.

If you were working for us, here are some of the things you would have done last week:

  • Used git to merge in changes from another developer on a project you are both working on
  • Had lunch at Eskimo Joe's with the entire Juvo team
  • Visited php.net 57 times to lookup documentation on various functions. You also noticed the new php.ne theme and liked it
  • Started work on a new, custom E-Commerce solution for fund raising
  • Kept track of how much time you worked on different projects
  • Helped mentor an intern web developer on implementing a custom JQuery dialog interface
  • Spent time on the whiteboard, mapping out a new user interface for selecting a unique banner image for a particular page
  • Had a discussion with a co-worker about the changing merits of Mac versus Windows over the past 20 years
  • Estimated the time it would take you to complete a website for Pawnee Nation
  • Committed updates to the Juvo Web Framework's storefront module
  • Spent some time to browse around on the web to keep current with web development tools and solutions
  • Visited Stack Overflow to find out why fopen was not working after you properly initialized an SFTO stream with ssh2_sftp
  • Logged in to the active staging server to install the XSendFile module to evaluate if we would want to integrate it into our framework
  • Investigated and debugged an error report submitted by iShop2Support
  • Forwarded a useful link to our social media manager for us to post on our Facebook page
  • Attended a brainstorming and planning meeting on how to modify a client's existing website to integrate with a new iOS App we are developing for them
  • Logged in to a production web server to update an SSL certificate

A college degree can be a plus, but is not required. You do not need to be a programming expert either, but you do need to have some development experience with HTML, CSS, MySQL, and Javascript. You should be innovative and self-driven, but able to respond well to direction, mentorship, and a team environment. You must live (or will be living) in the Stillwater area, and must be able to work full-time. If you are only available part-time to start, it may be possible to make an exception depending on the circumstances. Please, no international applicants that do not already have a work visa.

Our projects are diverse, and we have a relaxed culture you're sure to thrive in. Best of all, you will have the opportunity to join our team on the ground floor!

If we just described a job you would love, then we would like to hear from you! Please apply using our online job application here.