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Hosting Options

There are three ways to host and maintain your website.

Juvo Hosted and Supported

This is the most turn-key option available. After developing your website we will host and support it on enterprise web servers we maintain. This is an ideal choice for small and large websites alike. If there's a problem with your website, there's only one call to make.

Juvo Supported

This is a good "backup" option. We develop and support the website, but you would pay directly for the server. Clients who choose this option are typically larger sites looking to take a little more ownership of the working product. No IT team required, we would still maintain and support the website.


This option gives you the most freedom with your website. We develop the website, but you host and maintain it. You'll want to have your own IT team with this option. Any issues with the website will be your team's responsibility to resolve.

The two options we have available to host and maintain your website are as follows.

A great starting point.

When you're ready to out-grow your template website, we can migrate you into a custom website. Your investment of time and money will carry forward, not be a sunk cost.
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A great starting point.

When you're ready to out-grow your template website, we can migrate you into a custom website. Your investment of time and money will carry forward, not be a sunk cost.

    Client In-House

    Any Server











Note: Highlighted options are mandatory per package. Additional costs are quoted out on a project basis.
Please contact our team for questions and pricing.


Hosting prices with Juvo are based on your website’s pageviews per month. A pageview occurs everytime a visitor loads a page. You will be able to conveniently view your site's pageview history via your site analytics. 10,000 pageviews per month is more than most small, local businesses need.









Annual Price








Juvo hosts our websites on Enterprise-class servers located in Dallas, TX.


Juvo continues to innovate our core web framework. We will make these updates available to your website. Some updates may require additional cost to integrate with any of your custom functionality.


Juvo will maintain the server that runs your website. This includes activities such as updating software, installing security patches, etc.


Juvo will check your website’s server availability about every 1 minute. If the server is not responsive, we have automated tools in place to restart the server. This only monitors for the responsiveness of the website. It does not detect code or content errors.


Juvo currently provides free Support, but Service is billed on a per hour basis. Service is any effort that results in a change to the code of your website. Pre-paid service hours are provided at a discounted $100 per hour rate. Normally they are $150 per hour. Service hours are available during normal business hours. High priority needs that are required outside of normal business hours or within 48 hours are subject to higher rates.


Our framework uses proprietary software. Both licenses provide you certain access rights to the website code, but limit your use of the code to only the project we developed for you. You cannot use it for other websites, or sell or distribute the code otherwise.

    PCI Compliance

Some payment processors require your website to be PCI compliant. This helps to protect against data theft of payment information.

    SSL Certificate

SSL certificates secure your website by encrypting the transfer of information between the browser and server. They are required if you are collecting any payment information or other sensitive information.

    IP Address

This option provides your website with a unique public IP address. A unique IP address is required if you use an SSL certificate.

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